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Sadly, Onyx “The Wonder Dog” passed away in 2017.  She was Dr. Michele and Mark’s faithful companion for more than 17 years and she is painfully missed.  Onyx was a therapy dog at Golden Living Centers for a number of years and was an absolute joy to have at our clinic.  Onyx is gone from our lives but will never be absent from our hearts.

Onyx (II) is a Pomeranian who Dr. Zajac rescued when a client was no longer able to care for her. She was so lucky she had a great name we already loved! She was meant to be here.

Mama Cat found her way to us in August of 2021. She had 5 kittens safely tucked beneath our outside storage shed. Her kittens were adopted into loving homes, but Mama stayed with us. She has the best temperament for the hustle and bustle of a veterinary practice.

Rusty is another orange kitty who joined our office in Spring 2023. He was previously accustomed to a quiet home, but has adapted beautifully to his new feline sister and busy lifestyle.

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