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Pet of the Month: Zoom

Happy "Pet of the Month" to Zoom!
MAY 2017
Zoom's mommy told us his story... "Our Zoom Zoom was born as a feral in May 2008 at Lake Sheridan. We had just moved here full time the end of 2007 and had started rescuing feral kittens. Zoom was in a litter of 3 kittens. We found a home for 2 but decided to keep Zoom Zoom as he was so playful & sweet. Over the years he liked to go on boat rides & be the king of Lake Sheridan! If left out all day, he would visit all our neighbors. They'd always give him a treat! Congratulations to our 9 year old Zoom on pet of the month! He deserves it!"

Way to go, Zoomy!!

Pet of the Month: Duke

Happy "Pet of the Month" to Duke!
APRIL 2017
Duke was adopted on March 18, 2017 after his original owner had sadly passed away. He now has two very committed and loving parents. We determined he was older than that and sadly afflicted with a heart murmur. Duke certainly doesn't let that slow him down! Duke loves treats. He enjoys playing in the back yard and rolling on the couch pushing off every throw pillow! We are delighted that Duke was given a second chance in a loving home. He is really coming out of his shell and getting comfortable in his new life.
Congratulations, Duke!

Pet of the Month: Tommy

Happy "Pet of the Month" to Tommy!
MARCH 2017
His caring Mom had this to say about him:

Tommy was my elderly neighbor's cat. When my neighbor went into the nursing home in 2012, I inherited Tom and he became the "King of the Castle" in my home very quickly! Everyone loves Tom, and Tom loves everyone. He is a very easy going fella and is used to many foster dogs living in our home as well! Tommy always goes with the flow. Tom is famous on the block, and everyone loves him. Tom also has a new kitten sister at home, McKenzie. He enjoys visiting his friends at Bunker Hill, especially Leslie, who gives him his OraVet treatments on a regular basis to keep his pearly whites healthy! He loves Dr. Michele and all of the staff at Bunker Hill as well. He enjoys sitting in the waiting room, like a person, and loves all of the attention he receives, both from the staff and the other clients who are amazed at how patiently he sits on his chair in the waiting room!
Congratulations, handsome boy!

Pet of the Month: Desi

Happy "Pet of the Month" to Desi!
Her loving Dad had this to say about her:

Desi was born in 2003 to a mother who loved her so much, she kissed her left ear right off! She was a wedding gift to James and Jennifer Mott, and got named to match her new furry big sister, Lucy. James is in the Navy, so Lucy and Desi have lived in Florida, California (twice) and Pennsylvania. Desi loves a good car ride, and has the cross country miles to prove it!

Lt. Commander Mott was stationed in Italy rather suddenly in 2015, and everyone knew Lucy was afraid to fly. Desi refused to leave her sister's side, so they moved back to Pennsylvania one more time to live at Saddle Lake with the Mott's old friend, Matt Doyle. With Matt's chocolate lab, Brandy, the three old dogs quickly became the Golden Girls.

Desi was a good sister to Lucy right to the end, and she misses Lucy very much. Since she hates to be alone, she tries to see Dr Zajac, Dr Turk, and her good friend Brianna as often as possible!
Congratulations, sweet girl!

Pet of the Month: Brutus

Happy "Pet of the Month" to Brutus!
His loving parents had this to say about him:

"We rescued Samuel from Lehigh Valley Humane Society in February 2015. He was very skinny and didn't answer to his name so we tried a bunch of names and he seemed to like Brutus. He was already potty trained, knew how to sit, give paw, and stay. Best of all, he got along with our other dog, Diamond.

He barks at thunder, loves his toys, makes snorting noises that make him sound more like a piggy than a dog, and hates loud noises. He also snores louder than Marshall.

He is the best dog, with the greatest personality. We love him so much and thank our lucky stars everyday that he was at that shelter when we were looking for a companion for our baby girl Diamond."
Congratulations, big guy!

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